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ToolQuote - Interactive Quoting Software for Moldmakers

ToolQuote is a mold quoting software that helps you efficiently put together your quotes quickly.  ToolQuote is completely customizable to the way you quote tools currently.  All quotes are added to a database and you will be able to search & compare similar tools you have done previously.  A powerful graphic interface automatically creates a visualization of the tool layout in plan and side view.

Training, Consulting, Benchmarking & Quoting as a Service 

JDL Technical  Services provides training, consulting and benchmarking of quoting services for customers.  We  are also available for quoting as a service for moldmakers experiencing an overload of quoting requests or to temporarily cover short term employee absences.  Not enough time in the day to finish your quotations - let us do them for you!

NEW! Time Commander - Detailed Labor Tracking

Time Commander is a solution that uses a simple interface and scanners for employees to quickly and effectively scan their time to a specific job and task. At the same time, Time Commander serves as your time clock for payroll making your data live and easily pulled into a report by dates, job and project. Instantly you can compare your estimates or quotes to actual time spent on a job. You can also monitor progress on a job and can make informed decisions about future quotes.  Get your final hours and input into ToolQuote for comparison purposes.

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H&K Reflex Sales Support - Electroformed Reflex Reflectors

JDL Technical  Services is also your North American representative for H&K Reflex GmbH - Manufacturers of high quality Reflex Reflectors used in the automotive lighting market worldwide.


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