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ToolQuote - Interactive Quoting Software for Moldmakers

ToolQuote is a mold quoting software that helps you efficiently put together your quotes quickly.  ToolQuote is completely customizable to the way you quote tools currently.  All quotes are added to a database and you will be able to search & compare similar tools you have done previously.  A powerful graphic interface automatically creates a visualization of the tool layout in plan and side view.

NEW! Time Commander - Detailed Labor Tracking

Time Commander is a solution that uses a simple interface and scanners for employees to quickly and effectively scan their time to a specific job and task. At the same time, Time Commander serves as your time clock for payroll making your data live and easily pulled into a report by dates, job and project. Instantly you can compare your estimates or quotes to actual time spent on a job. You can also monitor progress on a job and can make informed decisions about future quotes.  Get your final hours and input into ToolQuote for comparison purposes.

  ToolMaster - Intelligent Automated CNC Machining Software

ToolMaster software fully automates CNC machining by intelligently monitoring and managing the condition of cutting tools during CNC machining.

Run your CNC machine 10-20-30-40 even 50 hrs WITHOUT operator intervention, this is now a reality using our Tool Master Technology.

How long you can run is only limited by the size of your tool changer and amount of cutting tools available,

H&K Reflex Sales Support - Electroformed Reflex Reflectors

 JDL Technical  Services is also your North American representative for H&K Reflex GmbH - Manufacturers of high quality Reflex Reflectors used in the automotive lighting market worldwide.

Training, Consulting, Benchmarking & Quoting as a Service 

JDL Technical  Services provides training, consulting and benchmarking of quoting services for customers.  We  are also available for quoting as a service for moldmakers experiencing an overload of quoting requests or to temporarily cover short term employee absences.  Not enough time in the day to finish your quotations - let us do them for you!

Perfect CalCard Mold, Tool & Part Quoting / Estimating Software

JDL Technical  Services is the company that brought Perfect CalCard Mold & Part Quoting / Estimating Software to North America.   Since it was taken over by a much larger company and rolled into their PLM platform, many of our customers are asking us how does this affect them and how can they continue to work with us - a long trusted source of support.  Former customers are encouraged to contact us to see how they can benefit from our newest product offering developed to simplify their tool costing and at a much lower cost.

Are you looking for a new program to replace your current methods?  Talk to us about ToolQuote, a new product designed by toolmakers - for toolmakers.

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