H&K Reflex GmbH - Electroformed Reflex Reflectors & Fresnels

JDL Technical Services is also your North American representative for H&K Reflex GmbH - Manufacturers of high quality Electroformed Reflex Reflectors used in the automotive lighting market worldwide.

Our customer base is worldwide and includes the leading manufacturers of automotive rear and side marker lamps. Moldings produced from our electroforms are capable of meeting both ECE and SAE standards.

H&K also makes electroforms for warning triangles, driveway and road markers, bike reflectors, etc.

Test reports of reflex readings can be provided in our 100 foot light tunnel.

We can also assist and provide feasibility reports on projects to ensure light readings meet legal requirements. We also keep in stock several variations of Standard High Performance reflex plates that can be purchased whole or custom cut to customer data for quick assembly into your existing mold.  Standard High Performance plates are quite often used as emergency replacements when no spare e-forms are available.  E-forms are cut oversize +.05mm and include tapped holes according to your pocket data and layout.  Standard High Performance plates and the sizes we carry that are kept in stock can be found on the recently updated web site for  H&K Reflex - see  High Performance Plates

Products made by H&K Reflex include the following:

Reflectors for cars (for tail lamps / bumper, side marker reflectors (front / rear),  door reflectors)

Reflectors for bicycles (spoke reflectors, front reflectors, rear reflectors, reflectors partly integrated in rear lights or front lights)

Reflectors for Light photoelectric sensors

Reflectors for warning triangles

Reflectors for road markers, guide posts, guide rails

Standard flat surface electroforms in different sizes and pin systems

Electroforms with curvature - better known as  variable pin axis

Fresnel optic inserts

Injection moulds for reflectors, warning triangles, bicycle reflectors and others


Please let us know if you have any questions, if we can be of any assistance or need a quote on your next reflex lighting project.  H&K Reflex welcomes all inquiries.

For all North American (NAFTA Region) Technical Sales support or inquires please contact Jeff Lambing at 519-919-7391.  Contact by e-mail at Jeff.Lambing@HKreflex.de or HKReflex@JDLTech.ca.   

For more information about our services and products please go to the main web site of H&K Reflex - www.HKReflex.com

H&K reflex GmbH
Steinmühlstrasse 24B, D-61352 Bad Homburg, Germany            PH—011-49-6172-45-6061      

Amtsgericht Bad Homburg v.d.H. HRB 5833
Steuer Nr.: 03 235 14009 - Ust.-ID Nr.: DE 812 133 735
Gschäftsführung: Dipl.-Ing. Rudolf Bierwirth

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