How TOOLMASTER Works (Overview)

  • CAM programs are imported into ToolMaster
  • Tool database is automatically generated and then updated with each import
  • ToolMaster automatically generates a tool table including duplicate tools as selected
  • ToolMaster data and CAM data is sent to machine in one batch file
  • Tools are measured and controlled by laser before machining starts
  • Caliber is measured with laser to set 0 reference point for thermal compensation
  • After each program is run ToolMasterr remeasures cutting tool and caliber then ( as per user preset tolerances ) intelligently decides what to do
  • If tool is in tolerance then ToolMaster starts next program using the next tool in tool table
  • If tool is worn out of tolerance then tool is blocked from further use and previous program is re machined using duplicate tool ( depending on set tolerance ) or machining of next program is started with next tool in tool table
  • If a tool break is detected then the current part is blocked from further CNC machining
  • Once all programs are run for the part then the next part is automatically started (If multiple parts on are setup on machine )
  • After each program is run all axes are corrected for thermal expansion relative to real time measured values

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