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Other well recommended industry links to benefit your business:

The Branding Experts - by Ed Roach - www.TheBrandingExperts.ca

Your brand image is the face  of your company. It is what your customers see first. This is their first  exposure to your brand. What they see, will begin their relationship with you.  How you present your company visually is incredibly important to your brand. If  your image is an amateur one, what type of impression is that making to  potential customers? Your brand image is your first chance to inspire leads and  when handled correctly helps to differentiate your company from the competition.

MoldMaking Technology Magazine  - www.MoldMakingTechnology.com

Keep up with the latest news and technology in the moldmaking industry.  Subscribe to their newsletter and information magazine - for free!  Your trusted source for everything molds for 20 years.

Plastics Today - www.PlasticsToday.com

Modern Plastics and Injection Molding have combined to become Plastics Today - a great source of industry news, articles and information for anything plastics related.



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