While ToolQuote was designed by moldmakers for use by moldmakers, it doesn’t mean it won’t work well for OEM’s, Tier Level suppliers and custom molders.

OEM’s - Whether you wish to only generate a tool layout to accompany line up sheets to show your moldmaker suppliers, or if you wish to set specific target tooling costs, ToolQuote can assist.  ToolQuote is template driven and these can be developed for the different requirements for varying commodities.  Different tooling groups will have access and control over the area that relates to their needs.  Master profiles can be developed for each commodity and only those components related to this area will be selectable to be used in your target prices.  Reduce the amount of discrepancy of submitted quotes by tooling suppliers by setting steel sizes and costs, targeted baseline hours and expected purchased item costs up front.

Tier Level suppliers - similar to OEM needs, but you are likely balancing target pricing between what the OEM’s may be setting and the reality of what the tool shops may be quoting for you.  Let ToolQuote help balance that by reducing those differences in quotes received when you are able to develop target prices with your history of previous projects.  Have your tooling sources quote more consistently and with less discrepancy among them with the help of ToolQuote.  If you provide well written RFQ’s that supply a mold layout with steel sizes and costs already determined, purchased items based on your company standards, then the labour hours put into the tooling should be the only area with differences between the tool shops - but give them a baseline for these based on your previous experience built into your profiles developed and you'll find yourself producing better target prices and receiving quotes in return that are closer to your expectations.

Custom Molders - Know ahead of time if the part you are considering molding will fit in the press that you have planned by showing your automatically generated mold layout with press tie bar positions.  When steel sizes & costs and standardized components are predetermined, the only major differences in quotes received should be in the labour hours submitted.  These can range quite a bit by different mold suppliers based on the capabilities, efficiencies and current capacities.  By using ToolQuote, you can set baseline hours to help keep those quotes more in line with your expectations based on your previous experience.

For any of these situations, it is important that you build the experience of your team into whatever process you are using so that it is retained within the company because when you lose your experience - you lose a lot!


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