• Automatic import of CNC and cutting tool data from CNC programs
  • Automatic measurement and correction of thermal expansion in all 3 axis 100% thermal compensation in real time.
  • Continuous machining of multiple parts.  After one part is completed program automatically starts to machine next part (number of parts only limited by space on machine or pallets).
  • Automatic positioning of cutting tools in tool changer creates common cutting tools or separate cutting tools for each part to be machined.
  • Automatic tolerancing of cutting tool parameters from database according to type of machining required ( rough cutting, fine cutting).
  • Automatic measuring of cutting tools according to type of cutting tool (ball, toroid or sharp edge tools).
  • Simple and easy rotation of program axis to match clamping of part if clamped differently than programmed.
  • Automatic generation of tool setup list for correct positioning of cutting tools in tool changer.
  • Automatic control of cutting tools before machining is started All tools are measured (before starting programs ) and compared to preset tolerances and CNC program data. Warns of all discrepancies (i.e tool in wrong position, out of tolerance or broken cutting tool) Any cutting tools that do not pass test are automatically blocked from use.
  • Automatic generation of report that shows results of actual machining (wear of each cutter in % during program / all warnings and tool blockages, etc

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