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ToolQuote is an Interactive injection mold quoting software tool that automates and organizes estimating for mold/tool makers

ToolQuote has a user friendly and powerful graphic interface that quickly creates a visualization of tool layouts

ToolQuote also has a user definable database that interacts with the graphic interface to quickly calculate costs

Key Features of ToolQuote include:

  • A tool layout is generated graphically from cavity sizes.
  • Steel sizes and material costs for all tool positions are automatically calculated and generated from the graphic tool layout.
  • Multiple tool profiles can be created and selected for fast generation of specific tool costs.
  • A history of each quote can be displayed to give a fast and clear overview of revisions to quotes.
  • Calculations, reports and quotes are easily printed or e-mailed directly from ToolQuote.
  • Existing quotes can be filtered and compared using a range of parameters.
  • Actual costs can be added to each tool for future comparison to new quote calculations.
  • Existing quotes or individual tools can be copied and used as templates for new quotes.
  • Recent additions include - Selectable master profiles with unique component libraries for each, improved parting line block calculations, ability to export all info into ERP systems, enhanced ability to copy/create profiles - even from current quotes, fixed size inserts and mold bases, import multiple photos of parts into the graphic calculator,  customizable quote numbers, select order of all line items, material price change history, sort by photo of part, export into client directed Excel forms, support for high cavitation tooling, plus many more items - all by customer request!
  • No maintenance fees for first year (optional thereafter) - know anyone else that does that?
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NEW! - All-Inclusive Pricing - No more separate pricing for software, training, benchmarking assistance, profile setting assistance or network setup fees.

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Our most recent article - Send Out Quotes using ToolQuote with Only 2 Hours Training! REALLY??

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Latest Version - 1.2.52

Latest updates include:

Selectable Master Profile Settings Added(Basically Creating a Component Library)

Variable Parting Line Block Thickness Calculation

Export of all Data into CSV for ERP Systems

Enhanced Copy / Create Profile from Existing Quotes - or Update Profile

Previous Updates - Quicker Profile Setting

Expanded Summary Section is User Definable

Set Parting line position - Top, Bottom or Middle of Part & Further Adjust if Necessary

Added Profile Subgroups for Better Organization

 ADD Multiple Plates to Profiles

Enhanced External Excel Quotes

Show Min / Max Daylight of Presses in Tool Layout

Copy Machine Data to Multiple Customers

Open External Quote Direct from Main Quote List

Add Multiple Photos to Layout

Set FIXED SIZE Inserts and Mold Bases - Great for those who purchase their mold bases or work with mud bases.

ROTATE Parts, Inserts & Sliders in Mold Base Layout

-HISTORY of Quotes Sent, Saved Always Visible & Accessible

- Support for HIGH CAVITATION tools

- Added SEARCH by PHOTO or Part Number

- Addition of Revision Levels


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