TOOLQUOTE FAQ - You’ve got questions?  We’ve got answers!

What does it Cost? Let’s get that one out of the way first! At just under $8K USD for the first license, and discounted some for additional licenses. Also, it’s ALL-inclusive meaning you get the software, training, and network setup assistance and help with template setting and benchmarking all included!  No extra costs!

What about Maintenance? Probably a software buyers worst pain point!  None during the first year, and only 15%/yr after that - optionally!  No contracts! No rentals!  You buy it, you own it!

Is ToolQuote updated regularly? Yes it is and you will receive the updates with improvement descriptions on a periodic basis. Customer feedback drives the improvements that are continually being made.

Can we get a free Demo?  We’ll gladly provide a free web or personal visit demo so that you can understand how ToolQuote could work for you. 

What about a trial license - can we test it for ourselves? Yes you can, but we will charge you a token amount to cover the costs of mandatory training for trial licenses.  We want to ensure that when you get it, you’re not just banging at keys and getting frustrated!  We want to ensure that the software is being used properly for testing purposes and we will support you during this time.  The cost of this is deducted from the selling price.  Additional training would likely not be required going this route.  This way we both put some skin in the game to ensure the software works as intended.

Our shop is pretty unique and we do things differently than others, is ToolQuote adaptable to our way of doing business?  Most likely yes.  You'll find that out quick enough during your first demo to see how customizable the software is.  We pride ourselves in being very adaptable to varied types of shops with very varied ways of putting quotes together.

We’re concerned about how long it would take to setup and use. Just how long will it take?  While there is no easy answer for this one, we will say that the training curve for the software is very short and we have had customers using the software for their mold quoting the same week they were trained.  This is not typical of course as every shop is different and if they are well diversified, they will take a little longer to develop the base profiles and benchmark these to their expectations.  We have made substantial improvements to ensure that these are developed quickly and reliably even for the largest, most diversified shop.  Part of our service is to help guide new users into setting up and using the software as quickly as possible.

Can ToolQuote be used by companies with more than one location or division?  Definitely. 

Can we export information from ToolQuote into our ERP/MRP system?  Yes, we provide an exported CSV file that pulls all ToolQuote info out that can then be mapped into your system.

Our top estimator is retiring  - can we have an apprentice use ToolQuote as a replacement for this person?  Um, you could, but we wouldn’t! At least not right away.  We get this question a lot! Like any software application, the knowledge of the user is key to making any software work properly and in a manner that is trustworthy.  We would definitely want to see that experienced person be responsible for the setting up of the program but still caution that an inexperienced user may not have that ‘gut feeling’ that is so important to realize whether the costs generated by any system are what is expected.  Only experience can do that.  ToolQuote can help get you trusted numbers as it is a database system and much of what will be in the system will be numbers based on past experience and the summary compare section allows you to put in your actuals to test that your profiles are working correctly.  If sufficient history has been entered into the system, then a junior person has a very decent chance of providing quotes that are accurate based on those past quotes. Experience goes a long way to making this system work great.

We’re a Custom Molder/Tier level supplier/OEM - Can we use ToolQuote to determine mold costs?  Yes. While ToolQuote was designed to be used by moldmakers generally, it can be used by others as well especially if they have some history that can be used to build the ToolQuote database or plan to build on that as they use ToolQuote.  Mold buyers typically use ToolQuote for sending out RFQ’s in one of several ways.  Some may only want to provide the tool layout automatically generated by ToolQuote showing the part layout desired and with the steel sizes & costs generated and press tie-bar locations.  Some will want to show company standards which can be shown in purchased items area as well as expected or target costs for labour/machine hours based on past history of similar, all searchable and easily found in the existing database.  Search by picture of part is a popular way to find parts quick!

What’s the best way to find out if ToolQuote is suitable for us?  Give us a call or shoot us an email to setup your personal demo.  We don’t have a canned demo to show you - each demo is unique and will be based on some general info you provide us to show you the best capabilities of the software to suit your needs.  Questions are always welcome throughout the demo!

CALL for a Demo!  519-919-7391  or Email ToolQuote(at)

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