Training, Consulting, Benchmarking & Quoting as a Service

JDL Technical  Services also provides consulting and benchmarking services for our quoting software customers.  We  are also available for quoting as a service for OEM’s,  Tier 1 & 2 companies, as well as smaller custom  molders and toolmakers.  Not enough time in the day to finish your quotations - let us do them for you!

Benchmarking & Profile Setting - Have JDL work to establish the unique user profiles your company requires to accurately quote molds and set these up for varying customer requirements/standards, cost differences between multiple locations.  All profiles developed are benchmarked against current expectations and tested for accuracy.

Quotation as a Service - JDL Technical can be hired on a retainer basis to provide timely and accurate quotes.  Ideally for those companies that may have a temporary need for an experienced estimator or want to use JDL services for quoting while considering ToolQuote for purchase.  All profiles generated for your company during this quoting as a service period become your property upon purchase of ToolQuote.

Maybe your company is not large enough for a full time estimator, or the investment for an expert quoting software is not in the budget currently.  This could be an ideal way to test the waters for future consideration.

Training - No one has as much experience training users in North America than JDL.  We will train your employees in using ToolQuote. and suggest ways to ensure they are using the software the most cost effective way.  Training can be done in house, at our facility or on-line via web meeting.  Special one to two hour refresher sessions can be arranged to go over new enhancements of recent updates or for further advanced training.

Tool Standards - JDL Technical Services can also work with companies needing to establish tool build standards.  These tooling standards can also be used as a basis for profile or template setting for ToolQuote estimating software or for your own internal system.


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